Alfa Romeo: Owner Input

Alfa Romeo Mito

Before I bought my second hand Alfa Romeo Mito I read a few reviews online from the big review websites like WhatCar etc, and I was almost put off the idea of getting one. However after reading a few reviews from normal people who actually own them and test driving one for myself I thought I would stick it to the big man and get one anyway. I find it weird how much the car got slagged off, I swear the reviewers must have been in simultaneously bad moods when they drove the Alfa Romeo Mito.

Before owning the Mito I had the Audi A1 which is a rival of the Mito and it has received much more favorable reviews from the likes of WhatCar. I honestly cannot see why. Don’t get me wrong, I really like the A1 but can’t see how it is better than the Mito, the ride is perhaps a little firm in comparison to the A1, though it is far from uncomfortable and it is droves ahead of the likes of the Renault Clio which has also received better reviews though obviously this is a cheaper car and not really a direct rival.

The Alfa Mito is slick good looking and fun to drive, it is comfortable and great for an adult who is yet to have a family, or who is lucky enough to have a separate car for family use and personal commutes for work etc.



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